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Relocation Services / TRANSLATION

Our experienced and highly qualified translators can provide you with the best services available. You'll get the most accurate and precise translations available. Our highly qualified translators are familiar with all the regional variants of a target language. Translations are not as simple as they seem; they require a profound cultural and linguistic background in the target language. If a client goes to a translation agency for business translation services, the translator must be aware of the business culture of the target language. For this reason our translators are native speakers with degrees in linguistics. Our language specialists will provide you with the most professional translation services available. We can help you with all your translation needs in the following areas:

Translation services from English to Turkish\Turkish to English for:

  • Formal & informal meetings and appointments
  • Solicitor
  • Notary
  • Hospital & doctor appointments
  • Court
  • Council
  • Land Registry
  • Police Station

We also do written translation of:

  • All your legal documents
  • Police reports
  • Contracts
  • Power of Attorney and  wills
  • Arranging your annual meetings
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