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Relocation Services / SETTING UP A NEW BUSINESS

Solution Property Services has a team of professionals who can guide you through the process from beginning to end .Our team will deal with all necessary paperwork, go through all the procedures, set up an appointment with our chartered accountant who will be happy to answer all your questions form the company and do all the translations of the documents as well as the registration of the company.

Establishing a new business in Turkey will be easy as ABC with Solution's professional team.


  • Turkey is an EU candidate and began accession negotiations in 2005.
  • New legislation attracts many foreign investments.
  • The incentives granted by the government provide tax advantages.
  • Low labour costs
  • Transfer of profits abroad can be done freely without permission of the FID (Foreign Investment Directorate)

Turkey is strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Apart from its location as the bridge between East and West, Turkey's complex mix of modern industry and commerce continues to attract a diverse set of European companies.

Turkey's move toward membership in the European Union offers an excellent opportunity for the nation to adopt European business regulations and standards, therefore making it easier to ultimately conduct business in Turkey. In Turkey, when you establish a new company 100% ownership is possible in all sectors. Corporations, established by foreign joint venture partners with or without a Turkish joint venture partner, are entitled to all rights which are already available to Turkish companies under the commercial code.

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