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Choose your card and we are only a phone call away. 

We don't just offer our Services, we tailor them to suit you. From Bronze to Platinum you can add on, and/or mix and match ever we are here to help. 

For all your requirements, we have the Solution at the right price. Talk to us today and let us take care of you and your home. 

When you choose Solution Services, you can relax and enjoy your holiday with your family and friends, safe in the knowledge that we take care of everything. We have the A to Z of solutions whether it be, for relocation, shipments, translations, transfers, advice, accountants, lawyers, cleaning or decoration to name but a few. Everything is tailor made to suit you, whatever you need, whenever you need it at the right price. 

From the moment you step off the plane, you will be relaxed and happy, chauffeur driven to your clean and well aired home, with provisions awaiting your arrival and all your needs catered for. 

Whichever service you choose, from the bronze to the ultimate platinum (King and Queen card), we are your courtiers, so let your fingers do the walking, we are only a phone call away. Choose your card today. 

We are Solution. We are the Solution. We take care of You


Airing & Inspection
Key Holding
Bill Paying
Full Fridge
Help Line
Private Return Transfer (2)
Gas and Water
Full Property Clean (2)
Comp. Earthquake Insurance
Car Rental (7 Days)
Welcome Meal
Mobile Phone
Daily English Newspaper
(15 days)
Making a Will (One Person)
Airing & Inspection
Key Holding
Bill Paying
Welcome Pack (1)
Help Line
Private Return Transfer
Gas and Water
Full Property Clean
Comp. Earthquake Insurance
Car Rental (2 Days)


Airing & Inspection
Key Holding
Bill Paying
Welcome Pack
Help Line
Return Transfer
Gas and Water



Airing & Inspection
Key Holding
Bill Paying
Welcome Pack
Help Line






a) Airing and Inspection
SOLUTION team visit your house once a week, (Platinum Package) once a fortnight  (Gold Package) and once a month (Silver and Bronze Packages). 

We shall:

  • keep the windows open for a while so that your property can be properly aired throughout  
  • check that all the electric buttons/switches, bulbs and taps are in working order
  • check all the rooms, ceilings, pipes, taps, sink, wash basins for leakage
  • in all rooms, check under carpets and in cupboards and wardrobes for  ants and bugs
  • flush toilets
  • water the flowers
  • check attic, basement and the mail box and collect the post if there is any,
  • shut the windows and lock the door well and check the back garden and back doors
  • everytime your property is checked, you will be informed by email so that you will be at ease and be able to relax at home without worrying about your summer home or investment here in Turkey.

In case of any need of repairment, insecticide, or evacuation, you will of course be informed immediately, and any necessary steps will be taken only with your approval.

b) Key Holding
The client will give two sets of keys for their property to Solution Solution shall safely retain them for use as and when necessary.

The client will be required to sign an agreement declaring that he/she has not given another key/set of keys to of the property to anyone other than solely to Solution. The keys will be returned to the client if the subscription is not renewed the following year. For your peace of mind and security, 

Solution is also pleased to offer a monthly inspection of your property to ensure its ongoing security. 

Keys are available for delivery/collection during the winter months between 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Keys are available for delivery/collection during the summer months between 9.00 am - 8.00 pm

For delivery/collection of keys outside these times, there is a 10 GBP call-out charge.

Price:£50.00 annual


c) Bill Paying
Bill Paying 
Electricity/water bills, monthly maintenance fees for the complex (i.e. pool, gardening, lights etc) are paid on behalf of the client by Solution.

A sum of money, agreed between Solution and the client, should be left for such bills.    Bills and receipts, together with any overpayment of money, will be returned to the client on the first visit of the new Season.

Price:£50.00 annual 

d) Welcome Packs
These consist of two types of package - Wpack1 and WPack2.

WPack1 (for Silver and Bronze Cardholders) contains butter, jam, cheese, ½ litre milk, tea, coffee, sugar, water, bread
WPack2 (for Gold Cardholders) contains butter, jam, cheese, 1 litre milk, tea, coffee, water, sugar, bread, cereal, eggs, fruit

e) Full Fridge (for Platinum Cardholders)
We shall stock your fridge ready for use with vegetables, fruit, milk, tea, coffee, cereal, cheese, butter, yoghurt, honey, jam, olive oil, sugar, rice, spaghetti, water, mineral water, fruit juice, Champagne, chocolate, biscuits, beer (only for Platinum Solution Card holders).

f) Help Line
In the event you need the services of a plumber, electrician, carpenter or other workman, you can contact the Solution Team using the telephone numbers given to you.  The Solution Team will then help you solve whatever problem you have.


g) Return Transfer
Having a car rental company called "My Car", we are delighted to give our clients a transfer service using our own cars. Platinum Solution Card holders are given 2 return transfers a year from the airport to holiday home and then back to the airport at the end of the holiday.

"Gold Solution Card" holders are given one return transfer a year by our private cars.

"Silver Solution Card" holders are also given a return shuttle transfer.

h) Gas and Water
A bottle of 12kg gas and a bottle of 19lt water for each annual subscription will be ready in your kitchen before you arrive.
The deposits for both containers are included in the Card price.However, possession of the containers belong to Solution Property Services. In the event of any lose or damage you will be required to reimburse Solution Property Servıces the full cost to replace the items in question.

i) Full Property  Cleaning
Our professional team will provide you with the following cleaning service :

  • bathroom (walls, floor, mirror, the sink and wash basin, cupbaord) the toilet
  • all cupboards, wardobes, windows,terraces and sills in the house, dust and mop floors
  • hoover the carpets
  • empty the rubbish bin
  • put toilet paper
  • air the rooms

j) Compulsory Earthquake Insurance
When you buy a property in Turkey, under Turkish law,  you must have compulsory earthquake insurance. Platinum and Gold Cardholders will have this service included in their packages.

k) Car Rental
Platinum Solution Cardholders are entitled to hire one of our cars for 7 days X 24 hrs, and Gold Solution Cardholders are entitled to hire one of our cars for 2 days X 24 hrs free of charge during their annual subscription. The service should be used within the subscription year.


l) Welcome Meal
We are happy to provide our Platinum Cardholders with a free meal for two at which your first drink is also free(excludes imported spirits).

Please Note : The welcome meal must be taken within the subscription year (no carry over will be allowed .The free meal is for a maximum of 2 people. The maximum amount paid by Solution Services to the restaurant will be up to £40.00 -  the Cardholder will be liable to pay for anything over this sum. No refund will be made to the clients if the bill is less than £40.00.

The reservation for the restaurant must be made through Solution. Advanced notice is required.

m) Champagne
Platinum Card Holders will receive a chilled bottle of our finest Champagne which will be placed on ice ready for when they arrive at their property here in Turkey. What a wonderful way to relax and wind down after a long journey.

n) Mobile Phone
We will  provide a pay as you go mobile phone and 100 units credit , hence Platinum Card Holders can easily keep in touch with their friends and collegues. Roaming charges can be high, so consequently this facility will contribute to their budget. At renewal of the service for the following year, this service will replace either a general discount for the card ( as the cards have to be used within a 6 mth period or they expire) or give free units for the mobile phone.

Please note Solution Services are not responsible for any loss or damage to the mobile phones, it is also the users responsibilty to insure it against loss or damage.

o) Daily English Newspaper
Platinum Card Holders will receive an English news paper delivered free of charge to their property for a period of no more than 15 days in any one subscription year. Separate intervals for the daily paper can be split over the year, to suit your individual requirements. Advanced notice of delivery dates are required so that newspaper delivery can be organised well in advance of your arrival in Turkey.

p) Making A Will
Your Will is the cornerstone of family financial security. A Will permits you to give the assets of your estate to those loved ones and those causes that you believe are worthy and deserving.

Your Will is a statement of your desires for the distribution of your possessions and the care of your family after your death.  Your Will should be reviewed as your circumstances change.  It can be revoked easily.  Yet a Will may be the most important document you ever sign. 

For your peace of mind, for Platinum Card Holders,  we will prepare everything for you free of charge!


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