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Many homeowners and tenants think that home insurance is an unnecessary luxury. We however believe home insurance should be viewed as an essential, in order to protect against financial loss related to buildings and contents.
So as an owner(or a potential owner) of a holiday home abroad make sure you get the right insurance cover, designed specifically for you.

Approximate cost of home insurance


Building and contents cover
This quotation is for a 2 bedroom flat, 70 m2 and building cost £23.000


At Solution we work with a reputable well established insurance company - AXA. All policy documents are in English, as any foreign language issues can lead to misunderstandings that may mean you are not covered when it matters most. We will ensure you get a comprehensive property insurance at very competitive price.

  • Why we prefer AXA OYAK
    They have the most widespread agency network in Turkey with over 1300 agencies and 760 bank branches operating in 79 out of 81 cities.
  • Most widespread repair service network with
    Over 900 vehicle servicing centres
    Over 1500 health service facilities
  • Awarded "Best Quality Service in the insurance Sector
    AXA OYAK awarded as "Best Quality Service in Insurance Sector" by consumer magazine in 2004 and also 2005.
  • Awarded "The Most Reliable Insurance Company in its Quality
    AXA OYAK was awarded as being "the most reliable insurance company in its quality" by the Consumer Magazine in both 2004 and 2005.
  • 24 hours service in claims operations
    365 days a year, 24 hours a day, our customers are served promptly when any claims arise by the "Claims Communication Center", phone number 0090 212 444 1 999.

Contents insurance of a property starts from £50 and goes up to £300. The price varies according to the size and price of your property which is declared on your policy. A typical example for a 2 bedroom apartment, 70 square metres, building cost £23.000, would cost approximately £50.00 to insure. Your policy will cover the following:

  • Fire (building and contents
  • Theft of contents
  • Loss of rental revenue
  • Removal of debris
  • 3rd Party liability
  • Broken glass
  • Personal accident
  • Valuables theft
  • Snatch and run coverage
  • Electrical damage
  • Additional coverage

Our dedicated insurance department will be happy to give you any information you require about insuring your property. You'll be most welcome to call or pop in to our office

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About Your Property
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Property Sales Price :
About Your Cover
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