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  • Why choose Solution Property Management rather than other on-site agents?
    There is a very true saying "You get what you pay for." We believe that no other company in Didim-Altinkum can give you the comprehensive and professional level of property management services that Solution Property Services offer. With our  office in Didim and our well-qualified and professionally trained staff we are uniquely placed to care for your home.We will even appoint a specific inspector for your property who will get to know you and your particular likes and dislikes. This will be the person within the team who is the "expert" on your property and who will carry out the inspections and oversee everything related to your house.

  • We use our property several times a year - why do we need a Management Agent?
    You wouldn't leave your principal home unattended for months at a time and the same applies to your home in Turkey. Not only is the property subject to the effects of possible water damage, electrical problems, weathering and vermin but also humidity levels in Turkey are very high and if the property is not aired frequently then your furnishings will start to show signs of mould, damp etc. Also, when you arrive in your second home do you really want to start cleaning - or would you prefer to arrive to a pristine and welcoming environment allowing you to be able to relax straight away? Add to these the benefits of knowing your bills are always paid on time and any guests are given all our help and assistance to enjoy their stay in your home and you will start to see the importance of on-site representation.

  • Who can I rely on to help me with my building and maintenance?
    Solution Property Services have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of Turkish buildings and the maintenance work necessary for their upkeep. The wide range of services that we can include painting/ plumbing/ carpentry/ electrical work/ building works/ installation of air-conditioning/ heating units/ installation and maintenance of swimming pools & heating pumps/ interior design and all other major aspects even to changing a light bulb or replacing broken glass. We have a wealth of knowledge of all individual properties and have our own highly skilled maintenance team along with all the contacts and local knowledge for anything that you would require.

  • How do I know my financial commitments in Turkey are being met?
    We offer a full accounts service which will ensure that all your payments are made. In order to make your life easier we collect and administer all your bills and accounts providing you with one simple statement showing all your commitments and will make sure all your bills are paid on time, providing of course that  there are sufficient funds held in your account.We aim to eliminate any confusion you may have with language, taxation or Turkish procedures. In the case of local rates and Community Fees we will ensure that you receive any relevant discounts.
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